About Us

We are group of professionals with in depth industry experience of more than 22 years, passionate about innovative lighting, committed to deliver technological benefits LED LIGHTING technology has to offer to consumers.

We believe in offering end to end lighting solutions, from concept to customized manufacturing to installation & maintenance. One stop solution for general lighting & specialized lighting applications.

We understand complete requirements of the lighting Industry and we have developed rigid Linear strips, Aluminum profiles, along with drivers and LED CONTROL system according to the needs of industry.

We manufacture various linear lighting from low to high power and for many different applications.Our LED strips and lights use branded LED’s and we work very close with reputed LED manufacturers like OSRAM, LG, SAMSUNG, Meanwell etc.

Our production facility is equipped with Japanese Juki LED 100 Chip Mounter [Pick and Place machine with 19000 components per hour], Reflow ovens, batch reflow, wire stripping and cutting, wider dipping, Laser cutting and engraving, PCB processing and finishing machines, de-paneling Machines and many other electronic processing related equipment’s.

STARLIGHT LINEAR LED as a team, very well experience in handling various manufacturers LEDs and all of our engineers and technicians are very well trained and undergone various trainings to handle manufacturing of LED products.

We welcome you to discuss your potential requirements or projects with our team, and we assure you the timely and quality solutions exactly as you conceive.

We at STARLIGHT LED look forward to serve you with our best ability.



It’s no secret that the use of LED (light emitting diode) lighting is growing rapidly, in a wide range of applications, due to dramatic savings in energy use and maintenance costs.

Custom aluminum extrusions are facilitating the rapid evolution of LED lighting applications by meeting these challenges while providing great design versatility. Extruded aluminum fixture housings serve a dual purpose as heat sinks and housing, provide a corrosion‐free material ideal for challenging environments, and incorporate interfaces for diffusers, lenses, circuit boards, and end‐caps & easy mounting, while allowing the lighting designers to create the shape and ideas they conceive and put the lighting where it is demanded.

Architects, lighting designers, and specifiers are demanding fixtures and enclosures that offer great looks with options for both finish and colour. Lighting manufacturers want to deliver the entire above, but in cost-effective manner. Understanding this demand of lighting industry for linear lighting, STARLIGHT introduced 17 different Aluminum Extrusion profiles, which will enable Architects, lighting designers, and contractors to increase their creativity and flexibility in their designs while creating state of the art LED linear Lighting applications and installations. Our Aluminum LED Lighting extrusion profiles, which will enable everyone, to increase their lighting design options in big scale.

The LED extrusions provide stable mounting almost anywhere, as they are compact and can be cut to fit any desired space for indoors or outdoors. Aluminum profiles can be used as down lights in a room or embedded into a floor to create a unique architectural experience. Using LED extrusion takes advantage of all of the features of LED strip lights. LED fixtures and profiles serve both residential and commercial applications‐‐from kitchens, bathrooms and driveways to office work stations, and can be integrated into stair steps, railings, furniture, and flooring.

We provide linear high grade aluminum extrusions where any kind of Linear LED lighting can be installed, for example LED cove lighting or linear led furniture lighting. The led strip is placed inside the profile, and is optionally covered by a frosted/clear or milky press fit covers. The press fit cover filters the light and creates a seamless linear light output. There are really no limitations to length or brightness levels one can achieve.”

There are several competitive advantages on these LED Strip Extrusion Profiles which can accommodate various LED lighting sources, and can be personalized easily to any length. Some of the profiles from STARLIGHT are quite interesting, as they offer the possibility to be installed in a recessed format, like the Groovy, Helios and Tub profiles. They offer a clear competitive advantage and they can be installed flushed on floors, walls, drywall, and wood under cabinets or any place where linear lighting is needed. 

We believe that all our newly develop “Application specific led profiles” will help Architects, lighting designers, contractors to achieve the goal of offering clean, functional light delivering in smooth and continuous way!


We want to be leading manufacturers of innovative linear lighting solutions. We want to be perceived as leading brand for linear led lighting. We will achieve this through excellence in products, process, & application management.

We believe in providing most reliable, customized led lighting solutions to achieve desired lighting effects our customer conceives.


To create customized LED lighting solutions so as to assist our clients achieve their goals of lighting impacts in their works.


  • An engineering company dedicated to research and development of linear lighting
  • Team of electronics engineers and experienced technicians
  • In house electronic smt manufacturing with pick and place and reflow facility
  • Own designing and manufacturing of aluminium profiles and accessories
  • In-house cad, 3-d and gerber designing of pcb and circuits
  • Rigid led strips and luminaries with excellent colour consistency and high cri
  • In-house project planning, designs and wiring diagram support
  • In-house led test reports for photometry and chromaticity
  • Quick prototype and basic test reports
  • Wide range of products covering different lighting industries
  • In-house weather proofing and waterproof facility
  • More than 300+ combinations for led strips and led profiles under one roof
  • Consultation for complicated architectural, lighting and s signage projects
  • Offering complete solution for “led control” and “light management”
  • World class on-time delivery facility with fedex / blue dart

We are an Electronic dedicated team for the development, sales and support of LED optoelectronics market and specialized ourselves into advanced power saving and lighting management technologies for linear, Architectural and other similar form of “advance lighting” solutions and controls.
We assure you best services at all the times and commit our presence during your hard requirements.