Specialized Directional Lighting


Special exhibits like jewellery and jewellery showrooms needs special lighting . Display plays a major role in purchase decision making . A bright ,punchy , display creates purchase desire .

We have developed specialized directional lights with lens , so that entire light can be focused on exhibits to create punch ,enchasing glitter in gold , silver & diamond .

“Cabica” is specifically designed for “Display Cabinets “to light up the middle and last rows, where recessed light can not reach significantly. This round and rotatable profile is easy to install with the help of two magnetic mounting heads below glass. The shelf with products are highlighted with excellent color gamut due to high CRI and brightness of OSRAM LED. What’s More, the rotating feature of LED profile makes it easy to focus the angle of Light on the correct direction. Optional “directional lenses” also available 0 0 0 0 which can focus 15 ,30 , 60 , 90 and Asymmetric beams as per cabinet shape, size and requirements which can further enhance the CABINET lighting.