Energy Saving Solutations for Corporate Offices

We provide led equivalent of existing cfl/tube light/ down lighter to large corporate houses thereby saving their electricity bills by almost 60%.

The Methodology:

Our team of experts visits corporate for auditing existing lighting sources, usage pattern and electricity consumption pattern for lighting usages. Team also audits for LUX levels on workplace.

Based on our philosophy that “ Better light improves productivity “ we suggest appropriate changes /alteration in lighting application.

We undertake customized manufacturing of required led lighting fixtures and undertake, complete supply, installation, testing, commissioning & warranty for 3 years.

A one point improved lighting solutions for organization.

Major advantage is payback period is well within 6 months for organization where lighting for 12/15 HRS.

PANEL LIGHTS (33 WATTS): – Replacement for existing 600*600 CFL mm.(80 WATTS)

Replacement for FLUROSCENT Tube lights(50 WATTS WITH LED TUBE LIGHTS 18 WATTS)

Replacement for CFL Down lighters. (36 WATTAS) WITH 12 W LED DOWN LIGHTERS


Salient features & advantages to the organization:-

  • 60 % saving in electricity bills of lighting.
  • Improved lux level.
  • Better work place : Better productivity.
  • Reduction in aircon bills due to lo heat emission.
  • Product life 35000 burning HRs.
  • Payback in LESS THAN 6 MONTHS.
  • Our contribution towards green earth activities